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MyNewOrleans: “‘Enrique Alférez: Sculptor’ Celebrates Noted New Orleans Public Artist”

Enrique Alferez book

For nearly 70 years, sculptor Enrique Alférez helped shape the visual landscape of New Orleans. His figurative sculptures, monuments, fountains and architectural friezes, bas-reliefs and carvings grace dozens of spaces and structures from City Park to the Central Business District, and from Algiers Point to Lakefront Airport. It’s difficult to drive even a few miles around the Crescent City without encountering Alférez’s striking creations.

For the first time, the life and work of this preeminent artist has been celebrated in book form—Katie Bowler Young’s “Enrique Alférez: Sculptor,” now available from The Historic New Orleans Collection. Featuring 120 images of Alférez’s art in New Orleans and beyond, the book is the latest entry in THNOC’s well-received Louisiana Artists Biography Series, and the first title to center on sculpture and public art.


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