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WGNO: “Evenings with Enrique: New Orleans Sculpture Honors Mexican Artist’s Influence on the City”

Enrique Alferez Sculpture Garden

A guy and a guitar are on stage. The stage is among the art in a New Orleans sculpture garden.

There’s an invitation for you to spend the Evening with Enrique. WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features guy Bill Wood says the guy with the guitar is not Enrique. He’s Fermin Cevallos, a New Orleans music man.

And that must make you wonder, well, who exactly is Enrique?

Enrique Alferez.

He’s a Mexican-American artist who is responsible for so many of the bridges, and the infrastructure of the entire city, including the facade of Charity Hospital.

And the sculptures in the New Orleans Sculpture Garden.

His art stands tall.

Just like the man.

Enrique Alferez made his way from his home in Mexico to New Orleans where he spent 70 years, most of his life.

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