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What We Fund

The Jazz & Heritage Art Collection

Jazz and Heritage Art Collection

The New Orleans & Heritage Foundation purchased the historic building at 1225 N. Rampart Street – the former Tharp-Sontheimer-Laudumiey Funeral Home – in 2008. After extensive planning, the foundation determined to use the space as the first permanent home of its free education program, the Don “Moose” Jamison Heritage School of Music, which has operated on local university campuses since its inception in 1990. The building houses many of the Foundation’s other programs while also serving as a community arts center.


With the support of The Helis Foundation, The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation purchased and commissioned over 60 works of art that reflect the rich musical and cultural heritage of Louisiana. All works are by Louisiana artists and are on exhibition in The Helis Foundation Galleries at the George & Joyce Wein Jazz & Heritage Center in New Orleans.


Paintings, Drawings, and Etchings


  • Marcus Akinlana: Trumpet Player

  • Aron Belka: Doreen

  • Willie Birch: I can still hear Buddy Bolden play

  • Lizzy Carlson: Shirley & Lee

  • Ralph Chabaud: Dave Bartholomew

  • William Crowell: Ellis

  • Ulrick Jean-Piere: Louis Armstrong

  • E Paul Julien: Loui

  • Varion Laurant: Deacon John

  • Dona Lief: Tryptic: Troy, James and Glen David Andrews

  • Vidho Lorville: Once Marie Laveau pass by Bourbon

  • Molly Magwire: Spy Boy

  • Karen Ocker: Circle Dance

  • Karen Ocker: Piano Players

  • Larry Nevil: Young Musician

  • Mario Padilla: Second Line, Tales II

  • Gina Phillips: Fats Domino

  • George Schmidt: Jack Lewis Band Lining Up at the Rex Parade, 1915

  • George Schmidt: Louis Armstrong as King Zulu, 1949 NOLA

  • Maria Page: 1978 Mardi Gras Indian

  • Emily Rhys: Roots of Music Cemetery Second Line

  • Noel Rockmore: George Wein and the Eureka Brass Band

  • Herb Roe: Jour des fantomes

  • Ayo Scott: Feasting with Ms. Leah

  • John Scott: Louis-Neighborhood

  • Leslie Staub: Buddy Bolden

  • Eric Walters-Bugbee: Uncle Lionel’s Second Line

  • Robert Warrens: Tryptic: Louis Prima, Al Hurt and Pete Fountain




  • Gus Bennett: Valencia

  • Skip Bolen: Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club

  • Edward Brown: Donald Harrison, Jr.

  • Sidney Byrd: The Funeral of Louis Nelson

  • Sidney Byrd: Professor Longhair, 1980

  • Sidney Byrd: Big Chief Jolly with Wild Tchoupitoulas

  • Judy Cooper: Keeping the Spirit Alive After Katrina

  • Brad Edelman: Uncle Lionel Framed

  • David Fary: BB King & Allen Toussaint

  • Jose Fernandez: Little Freddie King

  • Kristin Fouquet: Red Hot Trio

  • Erica Goldring: Big Nine Divas

  • L J Goldstein: Untitled

  • Philip Gould: Conray Fontenot

  • Elsa Hahne: Tab Benoit

  • Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee: Indian Practice

  • Barry Kaiser: Prof Longhair & Gatemouth Brown

  • Kevin Kline: Bar St. Bernard Ave.

  • Ray Laskowitz: Big Queen Cherice Harrison-Nelson at the Levee. Tenth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

  • Andy Levin: Lionel’s B-Day

  • Charles Lovell: Bayou Steppers Second LIne

  • James Macaluso: Mardi Gras Indian Boy

  • Michael Mastrogiovanni: Brass Band

  • Jerry Moran: Second Chief Joseph Mardi Gras Day

  • Leslie Parr: Nine Times

  • Golden Richard: Wild Magnolias Reunion

  • Zach Smith: Courtney Lain

  • Brock Swanson: Paulin Brothers

  • Mary Lou Uttermohlen: Mishaya Lake

  • Eric Waters: 2nd Line Greg Stafford

  • Kim Welsh: Proud Heritage

  • Christopher West: Skeleton Rider

  • Willow/Natasha Haley: Reflections (Kermit)

  • Sylvaine Sancton: Flambeaux Phantom

  • Sergio Schabelman: Jon Cleary & Dr. John


Three Dimensional Works


  • Shaun Aleman: Uncle Lionel

  • Charles Gillam: Professor Longhair

  • Cherise Harrison Nelson: The Big Chief is Guarding My Shoes

  • Ashton Ramsey: Toussaint Suit

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