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"Gymnast" by Enrique Alférez


1990-91 | New Orleans

Material: bronze

This sculpture is part of The Helis Foundation Collection

“After eleven years in the Mexican military during the revolution, I was tired of seeing man's atrocities. I wanted to see and learn beautiful things... I wanted to study sculpture at the Art Institute of Chicago, after having gone to a lecture and demonstration of modeling a head, given by Lorado Taft. It's not about inspiration, it is about hard work.” –Enrique Alférez


Easily recognizable for its simple elegant lines, excellent craftsmanship, and iconic imagery, the work of Enrique Alférez has become an integral part of the visual landscape of the South. Inspired by a Lorado Taft lecture, the Mexican born Alférez followed the sculptor to Chicago before moving to New Orleans in 1929. Alférez was a driven artist, dedicated to the democratic ideal of public art. Alférez died in 1999. His legacy of work, both public and private, stands as a testament to a life dedicated to art. 

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