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"Poydras Corridor Polyhedra"

Poydras Corridor Polyhedra

New Orleans’ public art scene continues to flourish with the installation of Poydras Corridor Polyhedra, a towering figure of four stacked sculptural pieces by artist Matt Scobey, along the Poydras Corridor Sculpture Exhibition (PCSE) presented by The Helis Foundation. Made of aluminum, steel and cast acrylic, Poydras Corridor Polyhedra is the tallest sculpture on the Poydras Corridor today.

Poydras Corridor Polyhedra is made from bent framed welded aluminum and cast acrylic. In 2013, Scobey created several small stacking polyhedra for the Denver Art Museum. The polyhedra shapes are a mix of platonic and Archimedean solids or 'cosmic solids'. The cube represents earth, octahedron represents air, tetrahedron represents fire, icosahedron represents water, dodecahedron represents the universe.


Scobey lives and works in Marfa, Texas, where he participates in self-initiated projects exploring material, transmission, finish, site and scale. His studio practice generally results in stacked sculptural work in concrete, stone, wood and acrylic. Works often incorporate material that transmits and reflects natural light, so the experience of the work is determined by the position of the sun and viewer.


“It has been amazing to work with The Helis Foundation, Ogden Museum, and Denali Art Solutions on this project,” said artist Matt Scobey. “I couldn’t have done anything like this without their help and support.”

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