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"Standing Vase with Five Flowers" by James Surls

Standing Vase with Five Flowers

2010 | Colorado

Material: bronze and stainless steel

This sculpture is part of The Helis Foundation Collection

“It is said that 'change' is the only real constant. It may very well be fact, but then again, even facts change and that may be the fact that governs us all." –James Surls


About the Artist

James Surls was born in East Texas in 1943. The state would be the site of his artistic development and success over several decades. Upon returning to Texas after receiving his MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Surls began an extensive teaching career in Texas universities. While teaching at the University of Houston near his home and studio in Splendora, Surls founded the influential Lawndale Arts Center in Houston. His natural and organic sculptures have been exhibited and collected widely. Surls now resides in Carbondale, Colorado.

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