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"Volpang" by David Borgerding


2015 | New Orleans

Material: forged silicon bronze

This sculpture is part of The Helis Foundation Collection

“My work is created without pretense or agenda, but instead with a sincerity of form, material, and surface. I enjoy flirting with the awkward and unexpected, and experimenting with atypical scale and proportion. I welcome balance that can be achieved by combining the slender and the stout (the body and the appendage).” –David Borgerding


About the Artist

David Borgerding relocated to New Orleans in 2000 after obtaining his MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design. That year, he quickly found a studio and resumed his sculpture practice focusing on fabricated bronze and stainless steel. In 2008, Borgerding built his current studio on Chippewa Street in the Irish Channel neighborhood of New Orleans. He has been consistently active in the studio, working on large public and private sculpture commissions as well as smaller pedestal-sized works.

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