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NOCCA Institute Artist-in-Residence Program

NOCCA Artist-in-Residence Program

The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) Artist-in-Residence program (AIR) is based on the master-apprentice approach to education, and is a fundamental training tool. Lead program support by The Helis Foundation helps faculty bring in 75 – 100 master artists annually. 

Guest artists primarily work in the classroom with students over one-day to two week residencies. Some also are presented in public performance through the Institute’s Center Stage, Creative Reading and Gallery Series. 

Artists from across the region and country are selected by faculty to enhance the curricula, expose students to real world professional experiences, and show students a broad range of artistic techniques and aesthetic principles that may not be the expertise of regular faculty. Residencies also keep NOCCA faculty connected to the latest technologies and innovations in their fields. 

Visiting master artists help students understand the artistic lineage of which they are a part, while forming a learning environment that is engaging and ever-changing, inspiring young artists to further exploration, innovation and achievement.

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