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"Ignite" by Danaé Brissonet

Ignite Danaé Brissonet

Located at 315 Julia St.

An homage to the rich history and culture of the BIPOC communities that have created the city, Danaé Brissonnet highlights the interconnectedness of resistance, resilience, and creative power of community in light of both the historical oppression and the natural world. Using elements of the natural environment, like the surrounding swamps and unique wildlife, Brissonnet’s mural looks to touch the collective unconscious, using her wildly graphic and colorful style, bringing a narrative of the beauty of New Orleans to life.

About the Artist

Danaé Brissonnet is an international artist from Quebec, Canada who specializes in public murals, illustration, mask making, and puppetry. Her most recent colorful, fantastical folk-inspired body of work is scattered from Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Morocco to India and Spain. Creating imagined worlds for the viewer, her work invites a deeper consideration into the power of symbolism, myth, and metaphor.

Brissonnet’s art enforces connections between her work, herself, and the public in which it engages. Most importantly, her process is about becoming involved in communities where she can tell stories of peoples, their land, and their culture. Leaving a colorful trace, Brissonnet’s art has a feeling of accessibility as she visually translates her story, and that of others. Brissonnet’s work exists as an imprint of change and inspiration for places she feels need it the most.

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