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"Open House" by Team A/C

Open House Team A/C

Located at 746 Tchoupitoulas St.

OPEN HOUSE is a mural and an invitation. The mural depicts a life-size section through a late 19th century New Orleans home. Illustrated in black linework on a white background, the mural reveals a domestic interior rarely exposed in totality. Like an open house, it transforms the private home into a public space.

OPEN HOUSE also invites visitors to become temporary inhabitants. The floor of the house is drawn level with the sidewalk, creating a two-dimensional stage set replete with domestic props. Walk through passively or act out—jump on the bed, shower with your clothes on, hold court around the fireplace mantel. Either way, make yourself at home.

About the Artists

Team A/C is Adam Modesitt and Carrie Norman. Adam Modesitt is a designer with extensive experience in the area of digital design and fabrication. Carrie Norman is a registered architect and partner in the award-winning office, Norman Kelley. Both are educators at Tulane University’s School of Architecture.

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