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"Survive" by Brandan B-Mike Odums in partnership with YAM

Survive Brandan B-Mike Odums

Located at 636 Baronne St.

The mural "Survive" is a collaboration between the Young Artist Movement (YAM) and Brandan “B-Mike” Odums. The theme, created in collaboration with YAM students, reflects New Orleans’ joyful resilience. The students’ work is represented by a body of water composed of words and images that symbolize the reality of living in New Orleans. Here, a smiling father gives a child swimming lessons. The father and child represent the people of New Orleans, learning to survive in the water.

About the Artists

Brandan “B-Mike” Odums is a New Orleans-based visual artist who, through exhibitions, public programs, and public art works, is engaged in a transnational dialogue about the intersection of art and resistance.

Young Artist Movement (YAM) is New Orleans’ first city-wide youth mural program, engaging youth, artists, and communities in sustained public art and place making.

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