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"Untitled" by MOMO

Untitled MOMO

Located at 925 Camp St.

Using homemade tools, adapted masonry techniques, and a lifelong study of color theory, MOMO makes non-represetational murals that are finely tuned while remaining simple and universal. MOMO says, “My paintings have no theme or meaning, like music without lyrics. There’s a composition of things to be felt, the way rhythms, tones, and harmonies reach us beyond narrative or language.” Despite living in New Orleans since 2001, this is MOMO’s first public mural in the city.

About the Artist

MOMO is an American artist working in public spaces. The artist has been commissioned for murals by the New York City DOT, the John Hancock Tower in Boston, the Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art in Brussels, The Contemporary Art Museum in Oaxaca Mexico, Art Production Fund NY, Facebook, Pepsi, NFL, World Trade Center, and The European Capital of Culture, all while living and keeping a studio in New Orleans.

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