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FOX8: “Louisiana Children’s Museum holds soft re-opening for healthcare workers”

Kids play at the Louisiana Children's Museum

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – More than 2,000 advance, timed-entry tickets for admission have been distributed to area hospitals and community clinics to be shared with workers who have, and continue, to contribute across all areas of healthcare.

The free admission is for healthcare workers on May 23 & 24, and is possible thanks to the LCM and The Helis Foundation.

“Ochsner offered us some passes to come in today and so we did,” said Nicole Fernandez who works at Ochsner Health.

“We’ve got our grandson who is one and our son who is six and this is both their first time here and so obviously they are enjoying it.”

Many frontline workers were forced to spend time away from their families during the pandemic due to quarantine or other factors.

Now that things are beginning to look up, CEO of the Museum, Julia Bland, says this was an easy way to let them relax and feel normal again.

“We’re thrilled to be able to open our arms and welcome them here and have fun today,” said Bland.


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