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Gambit: “Sanford Biggers unveils ‘JUST US’ mural at CAC”

Sanford Biggers mural at CAC

New York artist Sanford Biggers has been busy despite the pandemic. Last year, he debuted a suite of works at New York City’s Rockefeller Center, anchored by a 25-foot cast-bronze statue called “Oracle,” which blends concepts of classical Greco-Roman sculpture and African art. There also were other sculptures, flags, multimedia works with photographs and video, and a large-scale mural inside the center.

The mural featured the words “JUST US,” set shadowed in a blue sky full of clouds. If that seems familiar, it’s because Biggers was commissioned to create a similar mural on the much larger wall of the Contemporary Arts Center as part of the Helis Foundation’s Unframed series. Created in conjunction with New Orleans artists Wendo Brunoir and JoJean Laborde, the mural has taken shape over the past three months and was officially unveiled on Jan. 20.


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