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WGNO-TV: Kids head to school at Louisiana Children’s Museum

WGNO video screen capture

The buses rolled in and these little learners are starting their school year, but where they are learning is not their typical school.

Pre-K and Kindergarten students from Langston Hughes Academy, a First Line School, will be attending classes at the Louisiana Children’s Museum through December.

Because of Covid, the Louisiana Children’s Museum is closed, but they decided to open their doors for these students to learn in a new environment.

The reason the students are learning at the museum is because this will help with social distancing at the school’s main campus.

“It is a win-win-win for the students, teachers, and the museum. We can have childhood joy at the museum again,” CEO of Louisiana Children’s Museum, Julia Bland said.

The museum’s massive space is the perfect place to provide socially-distanced in person learning.

“To be able to use this huge space and all the resources the Children’s museum has to offer is a dream come true,” Carrie Bevans, School Director at Langston Hughes Academy said.

She went on to say, “First and foremost it is going to be a boost in their social and learning skills.”

“This effort was motivated by doing what is right and not necessarily financially feasible. The Helis Foundation stepped up with generous philanthropy to underwrite additional costs to take on this partnership,” Bland said.

On Saturday, October 10th the Louisiana Children’s Museum will offer free admission day for families. This is made possible by The Helis Foundation’s Art for All program. Timed entry tickets are required. The number of people will comply with City and State guidelines.

For more information on the Louisiana Children’s Museum, click HERE.

Watch the segment on the WGNO website.


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