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ADORE: A-List 2020 Jessie Schott Haynes

Jessie Schott Haynes

Name: Jessie Schott Haynes

Neighborhood: Black Pearl

Profession: Managing Director & Attorney, The Helis Foundation

Describe what you love about what you do: I love working closely with non-profits, particularly those who are making a tremendous impact through a focus on arts and culture. At The Helis Foundation, we believe that ensuring community access to art of all disciplines is critical. It’s exciting to witness the energetic efforts of our arts leaders as we work to ensure that arts opportunities in New Orleans are diverse and innovative, particularly as we continue to face the current global crisis.

What lessons will you take with you from this experience? I have been – yet again – reminded that change is the only constant and adaptability to and acceptance of this fact is survival.

What about New Orleans inspires you?New Orleans is a city of constant reinvention and rebirth and, contrary to both the reality and perception that it is narrowly steeped in tradition and even static, the cultural landscape here is constantly evolving.

Name something about New Orleans that can always put you in a good mood. Walking into the Fairgrounds for Jazz Fest with thousands of other fest goers in the beautiful Spring weather with a cocktail in hand and a chair strapped to my back never fails to deliver one of those “I am so lucky to live here!” moments.

Favorite restaurant: Saffron

Favorite bar: Miss Mae’s

Favorite snowball stand: Imperial Woodpecker

Favorite simple indulgence: PJ’s iced coffee with oat milk at the PJ’s at Octavia and Magazine – every single morning!

Favorite thing to do here to relax: Visit one of our many incredible museums on a quiet day

Netflix obsession: Fleabag

A local business you’ve supported during the pandemic: Beth Biundo Sweets

Book you’ve read: You Never Forget Your First (First biography of George Washington written by a woman) by Alexis Coe

Interviews have been edited and condensed.

This article appeared in the September 2020 Issue of Adore Magazine.

Read the article on the ADORE website.


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