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Poydras Corridor Sculpture Exhibition

Carmen Herrera sculpture

Poydras Corridor Sculpture Exhibition presented by The Helis Foundation (PCSE) is the South’s leading outdoor, rotating public sculpture exhibition located in the heart of downtown New Orleans spanning Poydras Street between Convention Center Boulevard and North Galvez Street.  Since 2013, PCSE has featured over 40 sculptures along the Poydras Corridor, showcasing the work of renowned local, regional, and international artists.  The vision of PCSE is to increase accessibility to interesting and inspiring sculpture for the residents of and visitors to one of New Orleans’ most highly trafficked thoroughfares.   


PCSE is a collaboration between The Helis Foundation, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and the City of New Orleans Department of Parks and Parkways.  The Helis Foundation is the exhibition’s sole funder.   


As the South’s largest rotating public sculpture exhibition, with fourteen installations currently on view, Poydras Corridor Sculpture Exhibition presented by The Helis Foundation reinforces New Orleans’ status as a leading international destination for the visual arts; creates economic and programming opportunities for a diversity of artists; and beautifies and provides visual interest to the heavily-trafficked vehicular and pedestrian artery connecting the Arts District, Central Business District, and historic French Quarter. 

"Untitled Estructura (Red)" sculpture

"Untitled Estructura (Red)"

Carmen Herrera

"Dancing in Nigeria" sculpture

"Dancing in Nigeria"

Melvin Edwards

"Standing Vase with Five Flowers" sculpture

"Standing Vase with Five Flowers"

James Surls

"Black Butterfly" sculpture

"Black Butterfly"

John T. Scott

"Box of Artificial Flowers #6" sculpture

"Box of Artificial Flowers #6"

Ida Kohlmeyer

"FREE FALL: Prophecy & Free Will in Milton’s Paradise Lost on Poydras" sculpture

"FREE FALL: Prophecy & Free Will in Milton’s Paradise Lost on Poydras"

Dawn DeDeaux

"Headed to the Land We Were Promised (Glory)" sculpture

"Headed to the Land We Were Promised (Glory)"

Lonnie Holley

"Power Tower" sculpture

"Power Tower"

Lynda Benglis

"Octet" sculpture


Lin Emery

Tambourine Tower_sunset1.jpg

"Love is like the sea..."

Allison Janae Hamilton

"BUOYANCY: Love in Joy" sculpture

"BUOYANCY: Love in Joy"

MaPó Kinnord

"Nomad" sculpture


Raine Bedsole

"Volpang" sculpture


David Borgerding

"Gymnast" sculpture


Enrique Alférez

Previous sculptures on the Poydras Corridor

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